Whānau, do you think about how you are tracking with your health and wellbeing on a day-to-day basis? Do you want to be part of contributing to a healthier future for the Whānau, Hapū and Iwi of te Rohe o Te Wairoa?

Introducing our Whānau Wellbeing Project – aimed at promoting good health and wellbeing amongst our people. It’s part of our long-term strategy to ensure our people are prosperous, vibrant, innovative, healthy and at the heart of decision-making for the future.

To take part, you’re invited to sign up to The Meke Meter, a free, interactive online platform that allows you to rate and record your wellbeing each day. You can then also identify areas that you may want to focus on. You can also choose to share your results with whānau and work on improving your wellbeing together.

Give it a go! The Meke Meter is fun to use together with your whānau, particularly while we are in Alert Level 4. We will also send more pānui over the next few weeks via email and social media to provide tips on using The Meke Meter.

What is The Meke Meter? 

The Meke Meter is a wellbeing monitoring tool based on Te Whare Tapa Whā, designed by Māori, for Māori. By simply rating 1-10 how you feel about mahi, school, finances, whānau, fitness, nutrition, motivation and self-esteem, you will better understand your holistic wellbeing. 

Studies have shown that using The Meke Meter helps you to better understand your personal wellbeing and take steps to improve this over time. Getting involved and using The Meke Meter encourages kōrero with whānau at home, creates greater understanding of, and manaakitanga for, each other’s situation, recognises common areas and helps generate ideas of how to improve our collective wellbeing.

The collective results will give us a better understanding of what support our people need so we can put things in place to enable better wellbeing. 

How does it work?

The Meke Meter consists of 15 questions that cover the areas of physical, social and mental wellbeing. Thinking about how you rate yourself in each of these areas, will help promote self-care and encourage you to be more engaged with ways to improve your wellbeing.

Our wellbeing as individuals and whānau are closely connected to our natural environment and enhanced through practising our values and reconnecting with our culture and traditions. This is core to our Moemoeā – our shared aspirations for the future of our people: That the Whānau, Hapū and Iwi of Te Rohe o Te Wairoa are prosperous, healthy and aspirational; proudly identifying and connecting with Te Ao Māori; kaitiaki for a restored natural environment; and informed key decision-makers for our future.

If we all participate, we can create community solutions to improve our quality of life, and the collective health of our Whānau, Hāpu, and Iwi. We have health promotion, mental health and cultural experts to help us with the project.

Is my information secure? 

Your information is secure and protected and The Meke Meter Company recognises the principles of indigenous data sovereignty. Information provided by you may be shared for the purposes of evaluation and research. This is done in a manner where you cannot be identified as an individual. The data you enter, along with everyone else’s, is used to produce a dashboard report on the wellbeing of everyone. These are just numbers and cannot be used to identify any individual. This non-identifiable data helps us understand the wellbeing of our members and enables us to evaluate what health and wellbeing services our people will most benefit from.

Find out more about the Meke Meter privacy policy here

How do I get started?

You can register and sign up for free here. It’s easy!

Just enter with your email and create a password to get started. After signing up, you can set up your profile.

  • Under ‘My Details’ go to ‘Update my Details’ and add your iwi.
  • Under ‘Actions’ on the home page we encourage you to:
    • Go to ‘Promotions’. You will be taken to a page with a section for ‘Promotional Codes’.
    • Use ‘ttotw’ as the promo code.
    • Go to ‘My Wellbeing Today’ and start rating your wellbeing.
    • You can watch an easy how-to guide for setting up your Meke Meter profile here.