We have been focused on getting everything in place so that the Settlement Redress can be received, and our iwi, hapū and whānau can begin reaping the benefits. Our settlement is almost ready to have its third and final reading in Parliament and become law. But first – there is an important step we must take. The Crown requires the Trust make some updates to our Trust Deed, to make it consistent with the Deed of Settlement you approved in 2016.

Most of these updates are wording changes, and none of the proposed updates alter the intent of the Trust Deed. This is just an administrative step the Crown requires for our settlement to be completed.

To make the updates to the Trust Deed, we will be holding a vote of all our adult registered members to approve a Special Resolution. We will also have a Special General Meeting in Wairoa on 27 July 2018.

Voting packs will be posted to all our adult registered members from Friday 6 July, with voting open until 12pm on Tuesday 31 July 2018.

Your pack will include an information booklet which explains the proposed updates and how you can vote. Please read through the information, then we encourage you to vote YES to pass this Special Resolution and allow our settlement to be completed.