Wairoa iwi to choose Initial Trustees for Post-Settlement Governance Entity Iwi and hapū of Te Rohe o Te Wairoa will soon determine the Initial Trustees for their Post-Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE), Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust, with voting closing at 5pm this Monday, 31 October 2016.

With just a few days left to vote, Te Tira Whakaemi o Te Wairoa Chairman Tāmati Olsen is encouraging all those who whakapapa to Wairoa iwi and hapū to get involved.

“We want all our people to have a say on the management of our $100 million Treaty Settlement, for the long-term benefit of the iwi and hapū of the Wairoa Inquiry District,” he says.

“The PSGE is crucial to the completion of our Settlement journey, which was started by our kaumātua and kuia more than thirty years ago.

“Going forward, the Initial Trustees will play an important role in ensuring we build a solid foundation for future growth and development opportunities.”

Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust will be responsible for receiving and managing the Treaty Settlement redress on behalf of the iwi and hapū of Te Rohe o Te Wairoa.

The PSGE will have a total of 14 Trustees, with each of the seven Kāhui (clusters) within Te Tira Whakaemi o Te Wairoa voting for one Ahi-Kā Trustee and one general Trustee to represent their Kāhui.

Newly-elected Initial Trustees will be announced on Saturday 5 November in major newspapers and on Te Tira Whakaemi o Te Wairoa’s Facebook page, prior to the signing of the Deed of Settlement at the Takitimu Marae in Wairoa on 25 and 26 November 2016.

Tāmati Olsen says it is up to all eligible voters to determine who will represent them on Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust.

“We urge everyone to vote by Monday and help us choose the best individuals to look after our Settlement funds, to create a brighter future for our mokopuna and generations to come.”

Voting can be completed online or by post. For more information, visit our registration page.