We hope this pānui finds you, the Iwi and Hapū of Te Rohe o Te Wairoa, well.

We ended 2018 on a very positive note, with a 91.78% YES vote from those Adult Registered Members who voted on our final representation and asset arrangement model, and required Trust Deed updates. This positive outcome meant we could move forward with the Unit Trust Model, and the Kāhui representation it is supported by. Ngā mihi to all who helped make this possible.

It has been a busy year to date for the Trust and the Kāhui, and we are pleased to be able to provide you with a full update today.

We appreciate it has been a while since the Trust has been in touch with you via pānui, and we thank you for your patience as we sorted out matters relating to implementing the structure of the Unit Trust Model you voted on last year.

November 2019 Engagement Roadshow

We are holding a round of Engagement Hui across Aotearoa in November, so that we can get your feedback on our Long Term Strategic Plan, which sets out our strategic direction for the years ahead. This has been an important item on our workplan for 2019, and is currently in draft form.

Your feedback is important to us, so we encourage you to attend one of the hui if you can and have your say on our future values and aspirations, strategic pou, and vision for the future.

Hui details are as follows:

Friday 1 November, 6pm – Wairoa College Hall

Saturday 2 November, 11am – Emerald Hotel, 13 Gladstone Road

Sunday 3 November, 11am – Ellwood Function Centre, 15 Otene Road

Friday 8 November, 6pm – Novotel Lakeside, Lake End Tutanekai St

Saturday 9 November, 11am – Novotel Tainui, 7 Alma St

Sunday 10 November, 11am –  Sudima Hotel, 18 Airpark Drive, Mangere

Friday 15 November, 6pm – Distinction Coachman Hotel, 140 Fitzherbert Ave

Saturday 16 November, 12pm – Rydges Wellington Airport, 28 Stewart Duff Drive, Rongotai

Sunday 17 November, 10am – Sudima Hotel, 550 Memorial Avenue

We are looking forward to this opportunity to kōrero with you on the strategic direction for Tātau Tātau and how you can be involved. Our goal is to ensure a prosperous, healthy and aspirational future for all the whānau, hapū and iwi of Te Rohe o Te Wairoa.

Note, these hui will be livestreamed on our Facebook page and uploaded to our website so you can all see and hear what’s happening, even if you can’t make it in person.

More information, including a draft copy of the Strategic Plan, will be sent to you via e-pānui and will also be available on our website in the coming weeks.

Kāhui update

Over the course of 2019, our Kāhui finalised their structures, Trust Deeds and held their Kāhui representative elections. Many Kāhui are progressing forward with their strategic planning and annual work programme.

Each Kāhui had an option to receive their 1st distribution – an equal 1/7th share of $2.477 million. A further two distributions per Kāhui are optioned over the next two years, with future distributions dependent on investment performance and returns. We encourage you to approach your respective Kāhui for any questions and updates on your trust structure, elective representatives and work programmes.

You can access the Kāhui Trust Deeds and any documents relating to your Kāhui here.

Contact us at register@ttotw.iwi.nz so we can update your details.

If you have whānau who haven’t yet registered with us, we encourage you to direct them to our website to register now.

Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Kāhui Representatives

Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust Kāhui elections were held between December 2018 and August 2019. Ngāti Rakaipaaka election results are due at the end of November 2019.

Your Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust Representatives are:

  • Rongomaiwahine Iwi: Leon Symes (Chair)
  • Te Whakakī Nui-ā-Rua: Pieri Munro (Deputy Chair)
  • Te Hononga o Ngā Awa: Apiata Tapine
  • Ngā Tokorima a Hinemanuhiri: Alexander Maehe
  • Ngāti Rakaipaaka: Graeme Symes* (Current TToTW Representative and a nominee leading into the 2019 election for this role.)
  • Te Wairoa Tāpokorau Mai Tāwhiti: Oha Manuel
  • Te Wairoa Tāpokorau Whānui: Phillip Beattie                                                        

Commercial Board update

Earlier this year, we advertised for directors on the Commercial Board, through the Seek website and via newspaper.

The appointed Commercial Board Directors are:

  • Tony Gray (Chair)
  • Jason Rogers
  • Michael Crawford
  • Rangi Manuel
  • Tina Porou

Appointments for these roles have been made on a ‘best person for the role’ basis, i.e., they had to show they had the ability and expertise to maximise returns that will either be re-invested or distributed to Kāhui. Candidate selection was done in consultation with qualified independent agency, Deloitte.

The Commercial Board directors will stand for an initial period of two years. The Commercial Board is a separate board from the Tātau Tātau Board. The commercial company board have just finished preparing a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) which includes the parameters under which the commercial company board will operate. The SIPO has been approved by the directors of the Corporate Trustee of Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust. You can access the SIPO here.

Other updates

  • Our Forestry Companies looking after our Patunamu Forest and Wharerata Forest interests are now in place and operating with appointed directors.
  • We recently advertised for a General Manager for Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust. This role will be responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of the Trust. We also recently advertising for a Commercial Advisor for the Trust. This role will be responsible for implementing the decisions of the Board of Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Commercial Limited, Tātau Tātau’s commercial entity. Applications for these roles are currently being reviewed. 
  • Tātau  Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust has leased part of the ground floor space at the Wairoa Waikaremoana Māori Trust Board, 34 Marine Parade West, Wairoa. The lease commenced last month and will eventually become the operating base for our General Manager and any administrative staff.

The remainder of 2019, and 2020, is shaping up to be big years for our whānau, hapū and iwi. We’ve spent the last 30 years working hard to get to this point. We’re proud to now have set a solid foundation to allow us to move forward.

Ka mihi ki a koutou i tautoko mai. Together we are Tātau Tātau!

Nākū noa, nā

Your Trustees
Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa Trust 

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